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An intimate jungle camp set in ten acres of the reforestation project. Only six boutique safari tents give you the privacy and space to enjoy the wilderness and experience the warmth of Indian hospitality in Tiger country.

After the exciting Jungle safaries during day, you can browse through the collection of books at the well stocked Library or watch a Wildlife movie in the evening, or sit under the starlit sky around a roaring bonfire.




Cottage Inside

Cottage Inside

Cottage Washroom

Luxury Tent


Luxury Tent Sitout

Tent Inside

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Dining Hall

Swimming Pool


Our Nursery

(Valid uotp 30 June 2018 )

Room Type
No of units
Room + All meals ( AP )
(Indian Rupees)
Room + All meals ( AP )
(Indian Rupees)



7500 ( Double )
6500 ( Single )

Luxury Tent
7500 ( Double )
6500 ( Single )

Log Hut
7500 ( Double )
6500 ( Single )

Extra Bed
1500 ( 05 -12 Years )
2500 ( Above 12 years )

Taxes extra @ 18%

We have Newly built swimming Pool.

• Accommodation on twin sharing basis per couple per night
• Children upto 5 years are free on the respective package without extra bed sharing parent's room
• 5- 12 years- 25% & above 12 years- 35% of the respective
package with ( or without ) extra bed

• All payments to be made in favor of "MONSOON FOREST"

Surrounded by forests with breathtaking views of the Bandhavgarh Fort, Monsoon Forest is just a few minutes drive from the Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve, Tala zone.

Intimate camp of only 6 boutique safari tents
4 Minute drive from the Tiger reserve
Surrounded by our conservation project
Stunning views of the fort and grassland
4 dining venues with wilderness experiences

Cooking demonstrations of Indian recipes adapted to the bush
Slide shows and interactive programs about Bandhavgarh & Tigers
Visit nearby forest villages to interact with local communities
Plant trees & participate in our conservation program: Forests for Tigers
Full day interaction with wild life artist

The Baithak or Main Lodge is the centre of our guest activities, earth walls, roofs supported by mature Sal wood rafters and tiles from the 1930's, this is an intimate lodge with open spaces, details of local architecture blending beautifully with nature.
A refreshment bar with a large selection of coffee and tea's, surrounded by our art gallery and library, wildlife and tribal photographs, also a collection of wildlife art recording the lives of individual Tigers of Bandhavgarh over the past 20 years.


Only six safari tents, each set under the shade of Mahua trees gives you the privacy and space to enjoy the wilderness and experience the warmth of Indian hospitality.
Each tent boasts its own private wrap around veranda's with views of mature grasslands surrounded by our upcoming forest. Made to order safari furniture, wooden floors, twin beds with great attention to comfort blended with discrete lighting. En-suite bathrooms with modern amenities.

A private massage area in the veranda's with an option of a yoga lesson in the mornings is a great way to start the day in the privacy of your tent. The tent verandas are a haven for bird-watchers. Detailed care in every activity is what sets Monsoon Forest apart from the usual tourist experience.

Our Kitchens offer a blend of home-cooked Indian and Nepali food, fresh spice and vegetables from our organic gardens and local villages add that extra zest in our traditional flavours. We also offer a small selection of pastas and sandwiches for guests who may want a break from the 'constant curry'. Guests are  encouraged   into  our kitchens  to  watch and participate in our meal preparations and our cooks would be delighted to share their recipes.

Meals are served inside the Dining Room at the Baithak (Main Lodge) and also (depending on the weather and time of day) around a bonfire under the Mahua tree. Meals may also be served in the Nursery or alternatively, guests may dine in the privacy of their tent veranda's.

‘A Stunning Safari Camp with a heart of conservation’
Forest redefines the  idea  of conservation-based tourism 

 Highest density of Tigers in the  wild 

4 Minute drive  from  the  Tiger Reserve 

 Intimate camp of only 6 Safari tents 

 Wilderness experience with outdoor dining 

Participatory conservation and  community effort 

10-Acre reforestation project 

 Interpretation of forest trees and  plants 

 Nature walks and  birding at camp 

Jeep  Safaris with experienced Naturalists 

 Elephant Safaris for Tiger viewing 

Excursion to Bandhavgarh Fort in the  Tiger reserve


Surrounded by  forest with  a breathtaking  view  of  the Bandhavgarh  Fort Monsoo Fores i jus  few minutes driv from  th Bandhavgarh  Tiger  reserve, Tala zone. With the  highest density of tigers  in the  wild Bandhavgarh is not  only  the  besWildlife  reserve to view this  magnificent cat but also to enjoy the beauty of jungles of Central India.



Onl six  safar tentseac set  unde the  shade  of Mahua trees  gives  you the  privacy and space to enjoy the  wilderness and experience the  warmth of Indian hospitality.


Each tent boasts its own private wrap around verandahs  with views of mature grasslands surrounded  by  our  upcoming forest. Made to  order safari  furniture, wooden floors,  twin  beds with  great attention to  comfort blended with  discrete  lighting. En-suite  bathroom wit modern  amenities,  wash basins, indoorshowers and  w.c.  A private massage area in thverandahs with  an option  of a yoga lesson in the  mornings is a great  way  to  start the  day  in  the  privacy  of your  tent. The tent verandah is also  a haven for birdwatchers.



Made of the soil, every  detail considers the use of local materials an energy efficiency,  th cam is  closely woven  around our  reforestation project, the  heart of Monsoon Forest.


The Baithak  or Main Lodge  looks  on to stunning views o the    Bandhavgarh  for and  forests  o th Tiger Reserve. A  refreshment bar  with  a  large   selection of coffee  and  tea’sit is the  centre of our  guest activities. Earth walls, roofs  supported by mature Sal wood  rafters and tiles  from the 1930’s, this  is an intimate lodge with ope spaces,  details  o loca architectur blending beautifully witnature.



Situated ithe  Baithak,  our  art  gallery  and  library  has an  extensive collection  of  books,  wildlif and  tribal  photographs, also a collection of wildlife  art recording the  lives  of  individual  Tigers  of  Bandhavgarh  over  the pas 15  years The  photographic record  provides an astonishingly lucid  insight into the recent history of the  Tiger Reserve.



Ou effor to   create  a  living   interpretatio o Tiger Habitat  an t spread  a awareness  of  th magical beauty of jungle trees of Central India  is explained and beautifully highlighteat  our  interpretation  centre. A place  tdeepen  your  knowledge and understanding of our forests.



The  in house  safari  shop  has  a  selection of  craft  from across India,  wildlife  art  and  photographs are  also  on sale, for those with a deep interest in art we can organize a private sitting with artists  from Bandhavgarh.


OuKitchens offer  a blend of home-cooked Indian and Nepali    food,    fres spic an vegetables  fro our  organic gardens and local villages  add that  extra  zest  in our traditional flavors.  We also offer a small selection of pastas and sandwiches for guests who may want a break from  the  ‘constant curry’ Guests are encouraged into  ou kitchens  to  watc and   participate  in  ou meal  preparations and our cooks would  be delighted to share their special recipes.


Meals are served inside the Dining  Room at the Baithak  (Main Lodge)  and  also (depending on the  weather and time  of  day)  around a  bonfire under the  Mahua tree. Meals may also be served in the Nursery or alternatively, guests may dine in the privacy of their  tent  verandahs. A favorite dinner spot  is our  candle lit terrace - a special place  for a tranquil dinner and stargazing.


Dining room  at the Baithak                          Indoors
Under the Mahua Tree                                     Outdoors
The Breakfast Tent                                           Outdoors
Candle lit Terrace                                            Outdoors
Private  dining at your Tent Verandah           Outdoors


A  reforestatioproject  that  has  take on  a  piec of barren land,  devastated by overgrazing and logging. We are  a work  in  progress that  is determined not  only  to bring back  the forest but  to make  it a sanctuary for the rare  and  fast  disappearing  indigenous trees  and  plants of the jungles of central India,  one of the last remaining homes of tigers  in the wild.


walk  through our  botanical sanctuary,  reforestation project and small farm. It will bring alive the many myths and legends surrounding the diverse flora and fauna  of Central India  and  a chance for  direct  contact with  the local  community who  are  integral to all aspects of the  project



I th heart  o th project  is   a   larg nursery  of indigenous plants that provides growing stock  for other deficient areas  and reforestation projects nearby. With more than 90 species of indigenous trees  and annuals, the nursery is the backbone of the reforestation project. Nearly  all the plants have  been grown from seed  at the  nursery.


We  encourage guest to  plant  tree and  help  us  grow ‘Forests for Tigers’



At the  heart of India  is Madhya Pradesh home to the Vindhyas  and  the  Satpuras,  to  forested  plateaus and winding rivers It is home, too,  to a fifth of the world’s tiger  population.  Bandhavgarh Nationa Park  is  tiger  country at its best:  448 sq km of  deciduous forest and  grasslands, laced  through with  perennial streams and springs.


Jeep  Safaris:  Gam drive explore  part of  the  Tiger reserve that  are often  remote and tucked away in magic  corners  of  th park ou experienced  naturalist  will introduce you to the rich bio diversity of the park.  From the majestic Tiger to the shy funnel web spiders, you will be  rewarded with  an  insight  into  fine  details  of  the  natural  world.  We  pla ou Safari keepinin  mind interests  o th Guests  an balanc tha wit an opportunity to visit different Zones of the Tiger Reserve.



Tiger  Viewin from  Elephant  back:   Every  morning  in Bandhavgarh begins with  tiger  tracking. Once a tiger’s been  sighted  b th forest  department  elephants, visitors set  out  on elephant back  for the  Sher Darshan. Park officials  keep  the experience quiet and pleasant by using  tokens to  regulate  the  number of  visitors.  Some mornings the  queues can  be  long,  and  the  wait  for  a chance to the see the tiger frustrating. But the choice is ours to  explore  quiet part of  the  park  or  wait  with everyone for one  of the most  breathtaking sights  in the  world:  a tiger in the wild.



The Park spreads ouaround the Bandhavgarh Fort, the seat  of the  Bhaghel rulers until  they  shifted to Rewa  in the seventeenth century.  It is an imposing presence that  bearwitnesto  a  long  history, with  inscriptions and carvings in caves  that  are said to date  bacto between

12 and    16 AD The    Fort    house a    spectacular assortment of monolithic statues  of Lord  Vishnu  in his many  incarnations,  scattered around are  also  ruin of temples  held  together by ancient Ficus  trees  and  large water  tanks  carved by hand. Tigers and other wildlife are frequently sighted in the forests on the  fort  and  add  to the excitement of exploration. Excursions to the fort are a must  for all guests, it is a chance to explore by Jeep and  walk  around the  ruins  of  a once  mighty  kingdom now  ruled  by the jungle.



As Bandhavgarh has the highest density of Tigers in the  wild it is one  of the best  places to document the life of this elusive cat. Our team  of Naturalists and  managers have  been  specializing in  programfor  professional wildlife   photographers  an filmmaker for  ove 15 years.    W facilitat wit permits,  reservation of elephants and permissions to photograph / film within th Tige reserve.  W ar happy    t assis single traveling photographers  or  teams  /  groups  and  will tailor  design their  trip  according to their  interest and  time frame.


Dedicated Naturalist

Exclusive Jeep

Tiger tracking by Elephant

 Watchtowers and hides


Connected  conveniently by  air  and  train  from  Delhi, Mumbai and Bhopal.  Monsoon Forest  is also connected via charter flights to Umaria  airport (32 Km) and a charter helicopter service directly to Bandhavgarh.


By Air: To Khajuraho followed by a 5-hour drive

By Air: To Jabalpur followed by a 3-hour drive

By Train:  To Umaria  followed by a 30-minute drive

By Train:  To Katni followed by a 1 hour 30 minute drive

By Road:  From Khajuraho or from Kawardha



Central India has extreme climactic fluctuations. Winter are    month of    December January    and    February, morning game driveand late evenings are bitingly cold, you would  enjoy  the comfort of blankets and hot  water bottles  tha ar provided  fo morning  drives.    The afternoon sun  is wonderful, days  arcrisp,  warm  and  sunny. As we move into April summer is beginning to set in and  the shade is welcome. As water  holes dry up by May, wildlife is concentrated in smaller areas  of the park and  Tiger  sighting gets  better but  with  that  the  heat  is extreme, afternoon temperatures can touch 46°C.


The  best  time  tvisit  is from  October to  March,   The jungle is looking beautiful after  the  monsoons, green flushe of    new    leaf    on    the    bambo and    thick undercover, misty mornings and crisp sunlight make  the  forest breathtakingly beautiful.



Theris no official dress  code  however, when out game viewing we  suggest  muted  clothing  an colors  that  would  blend with nature.


October to mid November: Light fleece and a sweater or shawl


November to end February: Warm Fleece,  warm sweater, a  light  jacket are  a  must gloves  and a  warm  cap  are always welcome comforters.


March to May: Shorts or light trousers and ideally cotton clothing, a light fleece is advisable as early mornings can still be chilly.


Number of En-suite  Tents


Maximum Guests


Dining Areas



Air coolers / Fans

Swimming  Pool


Personal Bars

On request


Available / added service

Telephone & Internet

Cell phone connectivity / Wi - Fi

Television Room

Satellite / Selection of Wildlife films


220 AC / DG backup

Suitable for Disabled Guests

With assistance

Credit Cards

In process

Check in / Check out

12 noon / 1 pm


In-house masseur

Cooking  demonstrations

On request / Camp cook book

Organic  Vegetable Garden

1/2-acre vegetable garden and orchard

Conservation Effort

Reforestation & community project

Participatory conservation

‘Plant a Plant program

Guest Areas

Library / Wildlife Art Gallery


TALA zone can be visited from 01 Oct to 30 June
The Park is closed from 01 July to 30 Sept

There are 2 safaris that can be taken in a day -
Morning safari - from 6 to 10 AM.
Afternoon safari - from 2 to 6 PM.

For Indians - Rs 5000/- per jeep from Tala Gate
This is inclusive of the jeep, entry costs, expert naturalist and all taxes.
For Foreigners - Rs 6000/- per jeep
This is inclusive of the jeep, entry costs, expert naturalist and all taxes.

This cost is same for 1 - 6 persons per jeep.
We advice you to book the Jungle safari in 4x4 open Gypsies in advance.
TIGER SHOW on elephant / 
Indians -
Rs 300/- per person
- Rs 800/- per person
This is available from the facilitation counter inside the park & can be taken ALONG WITH the jeep safari mentioned above ONLY. This is Subject to availability & is announced by the forest department on the spot.

CANCELLATION - NO refund is done for any of the above safaris.

Visit To Bandhavgarh fort

The fort is located inside the forest.
Entry cost per jeep with max 6 persons in it will cost Rs 3,000/-. This is in addition to the above Jungle safari cost. This is same for Indians / Foreigners

Summers - Day 42, Night 30
Winters - Day 25, Night 05

How To Reach
Jabalpur Airport + Railway station 195 KM 4 Hrs
Khajuraho Airport + Railway station 250 KM 6 Hrs
Katni Railway Station 102 KM 2 Hrs
Satna Railway Station 120 KM 3 Hrs
Umaria Railway Station 35 KM 1 Hrs
Bilaspur Railway Station 300 KM 5 Hrs
Kanha   230 KM 5 Hrs


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