Digital Photography for Hotels

Dear Hotelier,

We are sure, you as a hotelier today must be quite happy & satisfied to have realized your dream... of owning a resort / hotel !!!

But this is not the end, its only the beginning... a long journey to have a established brand name & a successfully running hotel. For this you have strong & persuasive marketing.

A good brochure of your hotel, & well-taken photographs are the key tools for you to market the hotel well.
Your perspective guest must say after looking at the photos... YES, THIS IS THE PLACE I WOULD LIKE TO HOLIDAY !!!

Here, We would like to introduce ourselves as photographers who take photography assignment exclusively for hotels.

If you are keen on getting your hotel photographed anew, please do get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to show you our work on previous assignments we have done.

We specialize in DIGITAL photography and in taking PANORAMIC pictures.

Digital photography definitely has an edge over conventional photography. It produces crystal clear pictures, bright photos on your hotel's brochure, makes website more lively, easy to write on CD, Laptop presentations, LCD projections etc.

Panoramic pictures are very useful to show complete edge-to-edge view of the scene, area of your hotel's lobby, full view of the restaurants, rooms or any other area of your hotel in A SINGLE PICTURE. Just one picture can show 360 degree view !!!

However, if you are keen on the conventional photography, we would be happy to do the same producing negatives / SLIDES.


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